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Who benefits from fertility massage?

My protocol will benefit women trying to conceive naturally as well as those planning an IUI or IVF cycle.  Fertility massage is the gardening equivalent to tilling the soil and then adding compost and fertilizer with the goal of creating an environment where plants will grow. My program strives to create the optimal conditions in your body for a new life to take root and flourish.

What sets this program apart?

My approach to fertility massage is holistic and comprehensive with a great deal of emphasis on the emotional and psychological aspects of infertility.  I want to do more than provide you with manual therapy. I am your fertility coach and your biggest cheerleader!

Your weekly six session treatment plan includes:


A session with guided meditation


A deep gynovisceral manipulation designed to improve the circulation to your uterus and ovaries and to encourage correction of any malposition.


This treatment targets the endocrine system which facilitates balanced hormones


An abdominal pack with a high grade castor oil fights inflammation and a sluggish lymphatic system


Unexplained infertility is often linked to stress and this part of your treatment will help your body combat that stress.

Additionally I provide coaching in the use of ovulation prediction kits and cycle monitoring, the latest research on nutrition and supplements for fertility, and techniques to manage the stress and overcome the emotional challenges that are always present when conception doesn’t happen in our desired timeframe.

*Each weekly appointment will take between 90 minutes and 2 hours.

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